The GFWC Arlington Woman’s Club engages in the following activities:

The Activities of our Club are very many and diverse and printed here in no order of importance. The GFWC has six major categories of Community Service Activities, which are Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach and Public Issues.Throughout the following pages are some of the ways that our Club seeks to accomplish these basic activities.

The Club Executive Board. This group of elected and appointed members meets monthly to plan and execute the duties of the Club.

The General Meetings.Each month, September through the following May, the general membership meets together with the Board members to bring forth the activities of the Club.

The Holding Corporation.This small group of leadership members meets on an ad hoc basis to discuss issues as hand concerning the facility and its grounds.

Club Membership. First and foremost, our Club offers our members a special place where friendships and service to others can provide meaningful relationships.We actively recruit and involve the women of Arlington to join us in our mission.We believe in our federated motto, unity in diversity.Our Club has an organizational chart, local, district, state, national.

Community Involvement. Our members are asked to be active in the community, therefore our Club has close associations with other local organizations, such as Tree Hill, Old Arlington, Inc., the Frances Padgett Senior Center, Emergency Pregnancy Center, PACE, USO Mayport and our community churches.Many of our members are also members of these organizations.We support them through either money or goods in kind.

State, National and International Involvement.Through the Federation, our Club supports the following organizations with donations to Heifer International, Sew Much Comfort, Hacienda Girls Ranch, Operation Smile, Operation Christmas Child, Canine Companions for Independence, Wounded Warriors, Special Olympics, Christmas Cards to our troops overseas, ROCK Camp and HOBY.

Civic Activities. Several of our members are very involved with local and state government.They bring us information from Council meetings and current legislation, usually in the form of hand-outs or e-Mail.

Fundraising. One of the main functions of the Federation is Fundraising.This is how we can donate so much money to all of the organizations and worthy causes that we support.It is also the means by which we own and operate our Clubhouse.The Clubhouse receives its funding through rentals for various occasions, such as receptions, weddings, etc.There is a Rental Chairman and Holding Corporation.The Club fundraisers include but are not limited to an annual Garage Sale, Sunday Dinners, Bridge Luncheons, Country Cupboard, silent auctions, and other special events.

Yearbook. The Yearbook is published annually.The Yearbook Committee is under the direction of First Vice President.She works alongside and makes recommendations.

Scrapbook. Each year, our Club produces a Scrapbook to capture all of the activities of the previous year.This Scrapbook is given to that years President as a momento of her year in office.One of our members is also District Scrapbook Chairman, who presents the District Director with the book at the end of her term. Scrapbooks are entered for competitions at the District and State levels.

Newsletters. Our Newsletter Editor is the Publicity Chairman.She produces a multi-page newsletter each monthThe Newsletter contains pertinent information for our members, such as business, personal and social events.Members with e-Mail receive their copies in this manner.Members without e-Mail receive copies through the regular mail.Our Newsletters have received District and State awards.

Website. Currently our Website is being updated.We receive a number of rental requests and membership requests from visitors to our Website.

Telephone Committee. The Telephone Committee headed up by one of our Board members.She and her committee notify members by phone, whenever there is a change or addition to our Club activities.E-Mail serves those members with access.

Opening Luncheon. The Opening Luncheons are a time-honored tradition in most Clubs, including our Club.Each year, in September, the beginning of the Club year, there is a social function to celebrate a new beginning.This occasion is open by invitation to all other District 4 Clubs, state officers and esteemed guests.The theme is usually chosen by the Club President.

Education. Our Education efforts are under the direction of our Third Vice President, Vicki Gordon.Wehave a close association with Justina Elementary School, where two of our members sit on their planning board..They are extremely active with the school activities.

Scholarships. Our Club offers Scholarships to two senior high school girls in our community,as openings occur.The Scholarships are awarded to students who maintain a required GPA, and we support them though their accredited college or university school years as long as they meet the requirements.There is a Scholarship Chairman and committee.The girls are nominated by their teachers and are interviewed by the Scholarship committee for acceptance

Club Organized April 5th, 1920

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Club Organized April 5th, 1920